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Thanksgiving Day!

Speaking of this remarkable festival, do you know his origin?

1. The mayflower, ln 1620, arrived in the americas with a religious persecution of pilgrims, That winter, they lt was difficult to imagine. lndians brought in necessities for immigrants and taught them how to hunt, fish and plant crops. With the help of the indians, the settlers had a good harvest. On the day of the harvest, the immigrants had a good harvest. On the day of the harvest, the immigrants gave thanks to god for the day, and for the sincere telp of the indians, they were invited to celebrate.

2.A backwater at dawn, they marched into a room full served as a chaurch,devoutly grateful to god, and then lit a bonfire held a grand banquet, will hunt turkeys hospitality indians made delicacies. Wrestling, runing, singing, dancing and other activities were held on the second and third days. The first Thanksgiving was a great success. Many of these celebrations have been around for more than 300 years, and have been preserved to this day.

3. ln 1789, Washington formally established that November 26 was the first NationalDay of celebration of national unity. But for a long time, the states saw their own conditions as a holiday. ln 1941, President Roosevelt approved a bill to declare the fourth Thursday of November as the nation's Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving holiday usually lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

4. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, U.S. retail sales account for a third of all sales. The crazy shopping month begins on the day after Thanksgiving(Friday), which is known as Black Friday. The name is said to be due to the Early morning of Friday morning, when everyone is going to feel the black rush to the mall, and there's an image of this behavior called Early Bird.

5. The pattern of Thanksgiving celebration has not changed for many yeaes. A big family dinner began months ago. At the dinner table, people will find  apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts, pudding, meat pie and other food, and fresh fruit juice, one of the most wonderful and the most attractive is roast Turkey and pumpkin pie. A large pumpkin is often places in the middle of the table. Sometimes people will empty the apple or pumpkin and fill the center with dride fruit or light candles.

6. Queen Elizabeth is eating a goose at a harvest festival in the 16th century. Then came news that the Spanish Armada sank on the way to attack the British, the queen happy, and he asked for a goose to celebrate this good news, therefore the goose has become Britain's harvest vird. When the pilgrims came to the United States from England, roast Turkey instead of roast goose became the main dish, because the number of turkeys in North America was more abundant and easier to find than geese.

On this day of global Thanksgiving, Who would you most like to thank? Love says it out loud!!

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